December 22, 2022

Christmas 2022 is on Sunday

By Tim

Christmas Day falls on Sunday this year – an occurrence that because of Leap Year, won’t happen again until 2033.

Will you be attending services at your local church?

Debate has been heating up online the last few days and weeks about whether or not churches will be holding services at all, and who will be attending – or not.

Worshipping the Lord on His day isn’t a question of convenience. It’s a matter of high privilege. My family and I will be attending a Christmas Eve service on Saturday, and we’ll then be back on Sunday morning. Yes, Christmas morning will look and feel a little different, but we’re looking forward to the change. Any shakeup that involves more Bible reading and teaching, additional fellowship, and the singing of Christmas carols is a good thing.

Whether or not you’ll be attending services on Saturday or Sunday or both days, how grateful we should be for the local church, and for the many pastors, staff and volunteers who make it all possible each and every day, and not just at Christmas.

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