May 22, 2024

The church’s alarming alignment with the world’s values

By Tim

Dear Fellow Pastors,

The church in large is unfortunately following the culture, which is rapidly embracing sin. This downward spiral is alarming and swift. It’s crucial to recognize that many people living under the illusion of being ‘cultural Christians’ need a wake-up call. Sinners must acknowledge their desperate need for salvation. Thankfully, the Lord remains faithful to rescue those who put their trust in Christ.

In these challenging times, the church must not compromise its message or values. Let’s depend on the Holy Spirit’s empowering, abide in God’s Word, and trust Him in new ways. We must be bold, straightforward, and unwavering in our commitment to truth. This is not a time for appeasement or conformity; it’s a time for unshakable faithfulness to God’s Word.

Praying for you men!

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