September 14, 2020

MN Covid Risk Assessment

By Tim

I just reviewed the latest Executive Orders from Governor Walz on Sept. 11th, 2020. Appears to be some positive Covid-19 news over the last 6 months since the first MN Executive Order. These are the reported numbers so the number of infected and the recovery rate is higher.

It says “According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”), more than 6.3 million people have been infected in the United States, resulting in over 190,000 deaths.” That is a 3.0158% death rate due to Covid-19 in the USA and a 96.984% survival rate in the USA.

The “Extending the COVID-19 Peacetime Emergency Declaration” also says “Minnesota has had over 82,000 confirmed COVID19 cases, with over 6,800 hospitalizations and over 1,800 fatalities.” That means 8.29% of people with Covid-19 needed to be in the hospital, and due to Covid-19 in MN there is a 2.1951% death rate, however there is a 97.8048% survival rate in MN.

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