August 14, 2020

Are You Struggling With Church?

By Tim

If you (or a Christian you know) is struggling with how you feel about the church, ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. Matthew 16:18 says Jesus built the church. Would the Son of God actually spend time building something that was worthless?
  2. Acts 20:28 says Jesus shed His blood for the church. Would the Son of God have been willing to endure the suffering He went through for something meaningless?
  3. Ephesians 1:22 and Colossians 1:18 say Jesus is the head of the church. Would Jesus really be the head of something insignificant and trivial?

I know that every church is not perfect. It’s filled with sinners saved by grace, and that includes me and you. Jesus died for us (the church = “the called-out ones”), and He loves us all (even us crazy imperfect people).

So if you are a Believer and NOT currently a part of a local church, go visit one this weekend! And whenever you find the one for you (or if you’re a part of one already), get plugged in, serve and watch how the Lord will bless your life because you’re serving his bride, the church.


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