May 18, 2020

Petition to Reopen

By Tim

Previous: Some More Thoughts About Civil Disobedience

Previous: Some Thoughts about Civil Disobedience

I started a simple petition online at:

The goal is simple. I believe each local church should have the right and freedom to choose when to reopen safely. Many small churches can reopen safely.

It is time for state officials to work with local communities to reopen our churches in a manner that takes into account local conditions and protects public health. I believe we are safest when we work together at the local level to take actions that reflect the conditions in our community.

I had the discussion about our church reopening with our Chief of Police who said “I cannot tell you it’s okay to go against the [Governor’s] order, but just that we are not going to interfere with your decisions”.

I also talked with our city Mayor about our church reopening who said “The city council will be considering a resolution supporting local reopening. I am also advocating more autonomy over these decisions at the local level as we move forward.”

Both of these conversations took place after a Zoom meeting with our local Mayor, Chief of Police, and many of our city Church Leaders. It was a productive meeting about when churches reopen to do so safely with wisdom as we follow the CDC guidelines.

I do not want to be hasty in calling the church to civil disobedience. I believe the Scriptures are clear this is a matter that must be considered a last alternative. But we are commanded to use the legal system for the protection of the church, and this is the place where I believe we are now. The legal system is not only there to protect us from criminals, but from any rogue elements.

Our City Council will consider a resolution (tonight) Monday, May 18th at 5:30 PM asking Governor Walz to allow the City of Fergus Falls to reopen safely.

While I am not prepared to take matters into my own hands yet, I am prepared to fight for what I believe God is calling us to do.

We WILL get through this, and if we are wise, God will be glorified, the church will be strengthened, and we will all come together soon. We are hoping to reopen this next weekend or the one after. Prayers appreciated!

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