April 29, 2020

Worry and Meditating

By Tim

Dear Christian,
If you worry a lot, you’re meditating on the issue instead of what God says. You may not think you’re meditating but meditation is simply to think deeply or carefully about something. Sometimes we are anxious about things we know we should be doing, but we just don’t do them. For example, maybe you know you ought to go to the dentist, but you are afraid of what he might find, so you put it off. There are things we can do and things we simply can’t do. God is in control but has also given us the ability to take action. So, since you’re already good at meditating (and you didn’t even know it), you can instead to dwell on the Word of God and think upon the what the Bible says. God is the solution and He never worries. So, let’s pray and be filled with God’s truth!

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